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this week one video has been particularly controversial, sparking both negative criticism and praise primarily amongst the youth in the Muslim Community in the West (America). I’m of course talking about the Somewhere in America Video by Sheikh Bake, that’s been making it’s rounds on various social media networks.

I’m not going to give you my opinion on it, or go into the nitty gritty of it. I commend the conversation it sparked (a conversation I think should largely be held by the sisters ) and to echo the words of a few brothers, we as Males need to keep our eyes lowered as the Quran commanded it from us.

May Allah swt. Guide us all to the straight path. Amin.

Let’s carry on!


under 10 minutes

I watched the full lecture a few months by, think it was during Ramadhan, but very relevant. The bed rock of our society is the family unit, its breaking is one of the major reasons for the collapse of our Communities.

Over 10 minutes

About loving, not paying lip service…

Motion Graphics

This is the Identity for next years Pausefest 2014 in Melbourne.

Pause Fest is a springboard for creative industries that operate within the digital realm to meet, inspire, learn, launch and collaborate. Our ambition is to enable creative collaborations around the globe and to promote digital culture as the focal point of an annual festival.



I’m a huge fan of Aamer Rahman since discovering him about 2 years ago. I was rather upset when his show was cancelled in Bradford last year.

A very interesting experiment!


Throughout the whole short, I couldn’t stop the video, I was totally unsure whether I should take this serious as proper workmanship or not. People do strange things for a living and I know there will be some people who would pay for it.

Don’t forget our Muslim brethren in Myanmar, may Allah swt. help them.



That’s it for this week folks.

Wa Salam,


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