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There are a lot of good points raised in these trailers and I’m generally excited for this film to come out. These issues are epidemic across our Ummah(community) at this point in time. Things will have to change in the next 5-10 years otherwise we will have totally empty mosques across countries and borders. Mosques generally are not where they were supposed to be, in the middle of family life.

I dream of the mosque as the center of the Muslim Community, with a hospital, lectures, library, soup kitchen, Youth programs etc. available to everyone. Eco-friendly, giving back to the wider community. It doesn’t have to be fancy but be cut towards what the community actually needs. What we as youth need. Because in the end it is often the youth that shake things up, whether at the time of the Prophet saw. or now. How are we going to raise Muslims that are attached to their deen, if the mosque is not at the centre of our lives. As always I speak to myself first before anyone else.

On the trailers again, there were some things that I didn’t agree with, however they’re their opinions and I respect them. With this kind of video you probably are going to step on some toes.

I’m interested in the reactions to the video, the discussion maybe even rants…

In all of this, however we should not forget to appreciate the work that the elders have done. I remember that during a youth session at my local mosque we wanted to watch a little film coupled with a reminder. As the guys set up an older brother stood up and in his broken English tried to tell us that this is not what the mosque should be used for. Out of adab and respect the brothers who organised it, decided to stop it.

One of the brothers went even further and mashaAllah praised the older brother who was about 60-70ish.

Both brothers are an inspiration to me. The elder, you can see every day for almost every Salah walking back and forth from his house to the Mosque. The younger in his adab and respect for the elderly.

I pray that the video has a positive effect, if any, on people. May Allah bless the project and effort. Amin.

Wa Salam,



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