Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar

A brother calling to the prayer.

Cough cough.

Another brother having passed on leading the prayer, coughing in the background, trying to concentrate. I call out Allahu Akbar.


Iyyaka na’budu

Oh Allah I have committed myself to be Your ‘Abd, Your slave, You are my Master.

wa iyyaka nasta’in

Oh Allah now that I have committed myself to be Your slave, I will worship only You. Seek only you for help in everything.

ihdina sirat al mustakim

Oh Allah I’m Your slave and I worship only You, but Oh Allah, I need Guidance. I need it so much, Ya Allah. Guide me…

And so every prayer begins, we seek for guidance in every single of our prayers, whether fardh (obligatory) or not. We as humans are so weak, so miskeen, that we need reminders over and over and over again. The bombardment, from outside sometimes just gets that much, that one finds it hard to hold on.

As salamu alaikum wa rahmatullah

“As salamu alaikum, how are you?” I ask the only brother left. We got into a long and good conversation. From the Omar ra. series on Youtube, to using gold and silver again as money, the economy and from the End of Time nearing and its unmissable signs to what we are studying, discipline, the military and advice.

That was what I needed, this little conversation, I believe that may have been the answer to my plead for Guidance. Allahu A’lam (Allah knows best) what will happen until the next prayer, where I will if given the chance again plead for guidance and then again at the next. InshaAllah (If Allah wills)

Wa Salam,


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