State of the Ummah

One thing I’d like to mention though, after the result of the elections were announced emotions ran high, I heard one of the guys rooting for the opposition shout out “yes we beat you!”.

Something I did not realize, was the absolute hate there was amongst some against Muslims. That in itself is nothing new, but to me seeing it at work this week, the rumors that were spread and also the outright attacks against the personality and honour of a convert brother who was running, brought it all home.

That night I saw a repeat of what is happening to us throughout the world.

We as Muslims, as an Ummah at this point in time are so terribly weak. Our standing as the just, the truthful, the fair is gone. Our character is gone. That is something we have to build up again. The Prophet saw. was know as Al-Amin (the trustworthy) and As-Sidiq (the truthful) before the revelation even came. So it is our duty each and every one of us to try to be exactly that. What an impact that would have on our society as a whole.

I am speaking to myself, and this is a reminder to myself first and foremost.

How often have we missed prayers, or delayed them for something stupid? Do we even understand, internalize and apply to our life that what we are reading in the Quran? Are the stories of the prophets as. inspiring us, enabling us within our communities to be the best we can be despite difficulties and providing us with halt and the realization that the prophets as. went through more hardships than we ever will and therefore carry on, on our middle path? Or are they just Stories in a book?

These are questions we have to ask ourselves over and over again.

Going back to that night what I will probably remember forever. Was the sense of unity, brotherhood and sisterhood I felt at that point. To cheer some of the candidates up we sang an arabic “song/chant” (don’t know what it is called, to do with the person being loved by all/thousands). We were discussing whether we should pray right there in the Student Union but decided that it could be interpreted by the staff and everyone else as some form of a protest. So what did we do? We loudly chanted our way to the prayer room lol

Wa Salam,


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