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Family thougths

I’ve always been a bit mature, I think…that’s what I’ve been told

Once (about school yr. 3-4) I was asked if I’d want to have kids when I was older. For me that wasn’t a valid question it was a certainty for me that I would at one point in my life have kids if God would let me live that long. I’ve loved babies probably since I was old enough not to be counted to be one anymore. In my family I got to witness both of my sisters as babies and growing up, one 14 the other 6 going 7 now, so I’ve had practice at how to hold a baby, care for them etc.

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#MyProphetTaughtMe to be balanced in everything I do.

Not to, only have a fit body but a fit state of mind too.

To accept and respect everyone’s opinion, but make mine the middle path.

Listen. He thaught me,

to cry from the fear of the punishment and judgement of God

and also to sob and hope, that my hubb (my love) to God is enough to make up for the sins

that I commited while I benefited from His never-ending, Mercy and Love.

To laugh and smile often, but not to exaggerate. To celebrate, and live life to the fullest,

but not to forget death to the best of my ability.

To take care of the orphans and my actions.

To give to the less fortunate, whether I’m living it large or under a bridge.

To be strict and harsh, at times needed but lenient and soft especially when things get a little heated.

This, is just a small fraction of what MyProphetTaughtMe. What did he teach you?

Creative Juices


Getting my Creative Juices going again, I’m a dead man walking.

Love coursing through my veins, my dreams gain virtual, sensual reality.

My Fingertips can’t stay still, they fiddle, they scribble, they create, they exterminate, they destroy, they’re not Scheu. (shy ger.)

To say, Soy creativo. (I am creative esp.)


I will try again and write again, regularly even if they are small posts, let me be your Host.

You are welcome to this party, be a bit arty and a good portion smarty.

Ehm yeah, let’s not, keep everything halal shall we.

Brain turned on. Thinking cap on. Like a don. Let’s do this and have some fun.

Wa Salam,