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A Struggle and Happy New Year 2013

So it is almost upon us, I’ve taken the liberty to post this a bit later than I would normally, to wish you and your family a good start into the year of 2013, may God bless us and make this a fruitful year.

That said, let’s go on to the first post according to schedule, let’s let this year pass in revue, it was a busy year.

Sunken ships and blame games early this year, the biggest bail-out for Greece, the Queens Jubilee, the Arab spring and various coup d’etat, the phone hacking scandal and its consequences, a shoot-out in France, the Olympics and Paralympics, Gun-men and hate-crimes, Burmese clashes, the war in Gaza, among other things. Yes, this Year has been filled with quite a lot, if I might say so.


A struggle.


Life’s a struggle, hold tight.

3rd most searched term on Google, category Man … kind

was Amanda Todd’s suicide, hold tight.

Rohingya’s crying,

Syria’s bleeding,

Gaza’s still tearing up,

my Heart on the verge of dying, hold tight.


Worst thing is, I miss the ability to cry

while I might share in the pain of theirs

It has happened so often and my heart is hard, my eyes dry

But I want to do something, anything that’ll help, show that I, that someone cares.

Hold tight.


I feel so useless, with this world in such a mess,

but maybe if I start with a change in me and address my failures

Then work on mine and the environment,

there might be a chance for contentment,

for everyone.

So hold tight let’s fight together forever united, connected and bonded in this plight.

InshaAllah we can change Mankind for the better, hold tight to God’s rope and never lose hope.



So here it is my schedule I hope I can hold myself to it. It might be slightly wonky the next month or so but inshaAllah I’ll try my best. As of yet it might change I’m trying to find out what suites me best.

Every Monday and Friday there is inshaAllah going to be a new post, starting the coming Monday. Wednesdays there is going to be a design post with or without inspiration/explanation text.
As a bonus you get to see me make a fool out of myself on my daily vlogs on YouTube. With that Salam for today.

The Search for the Sound of the Soul

This night has me thoughtful, thinking about the last few days, weeks and months and their impact on me. As I searched through my mind, heart and soul, asking desperately to tell me what it wants, and turning to call to God. I remembered listening to a talk by Nouman Ali Khan last week or so and decided to revisit it. It was titled “The search for the sound of the Soul”, where he talked at the MSA National. His talk truly resonated with me and reflected things that I had been both fighting with and thinking about.

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