It is on a balance that I stand

My deeds deciding where I land

Even something of the weight of a sandcorn

could make that balance tip, causing me to mourn.


Do I get to Jannah or do I fall pray to my desires

that fires this drive towards consumerism

selling me a myth of gratification and of satisfication

A cause of depression and of false impression.


Soooo, either fall to materialism

or to asceticism?

I say, Nay

I’ll stay with Wasitiyyah

like a gangsta.


A straight path, two walls,

doors covered by curtains

From the end and above, two calls

that halts me from losing out on those fountains

and gardens of Jannah.


About Mu610

22 year old German Muslim currently studying at Bradford University in the UK. Born in Marburg, raised in Berlin and spent 5 years in Nottingham then moving to Bradford in September '12. Is fluent in German and English and has some knowledge of French and Arabic, has an interest in learning Japanese, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Chinese and maybe Urdu for now.

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