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Salam and Peace be with you, O you wanderer, traversing my blog.

Copyright James Allan
Copyright James Allan

This is me, Abdur-Rahman J.  born November 93.

A practising Muslim, Hobby Graphic Designer, Blogger, Video Journalist  and Traceur.

A current Student of Chemical Engineering at The University of Bradford.

 The History of this caver

Roots Muslim German with a Nigerian foreground.

My caves After being born in Marburg (Germany), I have lived and grew up in Berlin. Moved to Nottingham (England) and now live in Bradford.

 My Caveinstitutions I went to the Clara Grunwald (Grundschule) primary school in Berlin, followed by the now closed down Secondary school (Gymnasium) Charles Darwin. Moving to England during the summer holidays between yr. 8 and 9, I attended the Djanogly City Academy in Nottingham then Bilborough College also in Notts. Finally, my current place of study, The University of Bradford in, well, in Bradford of course. duh.

My caveactivities I pray, read, design, write, record, blog and I occasionally practice the Art Of Motion (Parkour). Play football, basketball, table tennis,  and a recent addition pool.

What is Dhikrcave?

Dhikr  ذکرplural adhkar / (Noun) Arabic meaning remembrance or invocation

Cave /ˈkāv/ plural caves / (Noun) from Latin cavea meaning hollow (place)

Well it started as a merge of the name of a website / design group I liked VISUAL DHIKR and a concept I worked out for myself. I always liked the idea of sharing my work for others to see, to comment on and critique. A website, blog and recently a tumblelog jumped into my mind. But what to call it?

Very early on in my “career” as Graphic Designer I took on the strange alias “Mu610”. Made up of the word “Muslim” and the year 610 a.D. This year in some sources marks the start of the message received by the Prophet saw. from Angel Gabriel a.s in the Cave of Hira. The cave, that he saw. went to worship God and to reflect.

The name Dhikrcave came into being, for the spaces that I reflect in, the places that I dump my thoughts and work in.

Enjoy! O you wanderer of my thoughts, enjoy the chaos and the calm, the Rants and the depression, the joy and happiness.





2 thoughts on “About me

  1. As salam u aleikum

    I came across this wonderful blog via kubra gumusay’s article on “Der neue Muslimische Mann”. Congrats to your wonderful reply article “Wo sind die muslimischen Männer?”. Ein sehr tiefsinniger, schön zu lesender und interessanter Artikel. Ich finde es schön, dass du dich so vielseitig interessierst und deine Artikel mit Hadithen und Qur’an ayaats spickst. Auch gefallen mir deine Videolinks, insbesondere freut es mich, dass du auf NAK verweist.

    Keep up the great work! Wish you all the best!

    Wa salam

    PS: Urdu zaroor parna jahye! bht khoobsorat zuban 😉

    1. Wa Alaykum Salam,
      Danke und Jazakallahu Khairan für deine Kommentare, habe mich sehr gefreut sie zu lesen. Ustadh Nouman ist einfach klasse, mashaAllah.
      Leute wie er fehlen uns massenweise, in allen Feldern ob Psychologie(wie er), Ingenieurswesen oder Meereskunde meinetwegen, die in Islam-wissenschaftlichen Gebieten eine Ahnung haben und Verbindungen zwischen beide aufbauen können, gut unterrichten können und am Wichtigsten einen guten Charakter haben und Vorbilder für unsere Gemeinschaft sein können. Ich träume von so einer Leistungsgesellschaft, wie unsere Vorfahren es waren. Ich dagegen bin so… entschlusslos, dass ich nicht weiß was mich am meisten interessiert. 🙂 Möge Allah uns dabei helfen, so eine Gesellschaft aufzubauen! Amin. Thank you again!

      PS: Had to ask a friend, but I think I will definetly do so inshaAllah, this year and probably the next few as well my focus is solely on Arabic though 🙂

      Wa Salam,

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